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"What you said was so powerful, I wish I’d written it down…!"

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Here Lori shares an excerpt from the latest thoughts she doesn’t want you to lose.

Mesa Verde Living Room, Colorado by Jerry Park

Overview–The 5 Characteristics of Globally Resilient Leaders

Leaders today must carry the mantle of global responsibilities. In spite of (or perhaps because of) growing nationalism, economic survival is now a matter of transnational interdependence. Meanwhile, we are running short of leaders who have lived and worked in multiple countries, mastered a second (or third) language, and worked...
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Executive Conundrum #3: Untapped Potential

This article is the last in a three-part series. “The red convertible and the island getaway were nice when I turned 40. But the shine has worn off. As I look toward the next few decades, there has to be more. I’ve accomplished a lot in my career. My international...
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Executive Conundrum #2: Influence & Impact

This article is the second in a three-part series. “The company where I work is going through so much disruption these days. Not only that, but the players keep changing. Decisions get made and then they’re unmade. There seems to be no clear center to how to adhere to agreed...
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Executive Conundrum #1: Your Next Move

This article is the first in a three-part series. “It’s taken me almost eighteen months to begin to feel like I have an informed sense of how things actually work here. The first twelve months were spent on fully understanding the complexities of our global operations; the last six on...
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3 Executive Conundrums & How to Engage with Them

I’ve noticed many senior executives bumping up against a few common dilemmas. People expect more of businesses these days, and businesses expect more of their leaders. Obviously, each executive’s situation is unique. But the coaching conversations I find myself having with leaders these days, no matter what region or culture...
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Lincoln’s Lessons on Leading in Challenging Times

We have, as they say, been blessed to live in challenging times. Yet more and more of the leaders I work with these days find it increasingly difficult to keep generating opportunities in the midst of a prolonged period of crisis. It doesn’t look like we’re going to see the...
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The Art of Being Direct and Kind

We need to learn the art of being both direct and kind, especially when speaking with people we don’t agree with or like. It’s rare to find someone in our current culture who speaks directly and kindly at the same time. So rare that I really notice it when I...
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The Loyal Antagonist

We live in this narrative that America is divided, that we’re polarized and can't talk to each other. What if that’s not true? When Jake Brewer, my son, was alive, he worked in Obama’s White House. Jake was known for being able to bring people together who would otherwise not...
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The Alchemy of Leadership

I’ve developed an allergy to leadership books. For years, I’ve bought most of the lauded titles. I was ready and eager to learn from recognized executive development consultants and coaches, from the studies they had conducted, from the well-educated insights they shared. Not only was I looking to them to...
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