Team Transformation

"The future of work is remote and hybrid. Somehow your teams still have to go from good to great—and from great to greater. "

Out of Tune by Jerry Park

Teams—whether newly formed or long established, virtual or in person—succeed or fail based on the strength and resilience of their working relationships.

Those relationships don’t just happen. As an executive leading teams, it may seem paradoxical for you to take the time to both nurture and accelerate their development.

That’s where Lori comes in.

Many clients call her “my team’s coach” and acknowledge her as a vital member of the team in her own right.

Lori works with you as the leader to articulate your team’s business objectives and what’s missing for it to be truly effective at delivering those results. Seeking to understand the context in which the team is operating, she asks you to help connect the dots between what the team is doing and the organization’s broader goals, systems, and culture.

She then talks one-on-one with each team member and may provide assessments to gain more clarity. She brings everyone on the team together to build a shared understanding of each person’s motivations, communication style, and behaviors. Under her expert guidance, people get to practice sharing feedback with each other on real issues they are dealing with at work.

Follow-up coaching with individual team members, as called for, helps amplify the learning and individual transformation. If the team needs to break through any “boulders” that continue to stand in the way of effective collaboration and true innovation, Lori will facilitate additional sessions to support the group’s transformation.