Executive Advisor

"The higher up you go in an organization, the less likely people will tell you what you need to hear. Someone you can trust to do that will be invaluable."

Silo by Jerry Park

Trust is the foundation of Lori's relationships with leaders.

While she is working as a coach with you and your team, an opportunity may arise for her to contribute more than the conventional coach-client relationship. With your express agreement and in specific moments, she may step into the role of your trusted advisor to stretch your thinking.

In this capacity, you will benefit from her expansive global experience, her expertise in leadership development, and her own transformational journey. She will most certainly expand and elevate how you're looking at the world and making meaning of things, how you're approaching challenges and solving problems.

She may offer different perspectives that bring "added beams of light" to the situation at hand. She may help you think systemically or span cultures and politics, economies and geographies. She may hold up a mirror to your leadership and help you develop a plan of action to overcome barriers. She may generate a broader, richer array of possible solutions. To move you and your organization forward, she may challenge you on your assumptions or encourage you to apply vertical development principles to yourself and those you lead.