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Jan 24, 2024. By Lori Brewer Collins

On Leading - Transformative Conversations

It’s been almost a year since launching Lori On Leadership. It’s been a joy to bring leaders who are exemplars of transformative capacity into the spotlight! Finding a way to bring the crucial importance of leading beyond right/wrong, dualistic thinking has never been more urgent. So this Substack and podcast is my contribution to advancing ways to navigate our world of overwhelming complexity.

Lori On Leadership has also given me the perfect vehicle to re-connect with friends and colleagues I’ve had the privilege to work with through the years. They meet the criteria for amazingness. Hearing their stories — ones of triumph, diligence, challenge, set-backs, screw ups, do-overs, joy, success —  along with their insights, allows me to relive their wisdom and mastery all over again.

My originating aim for Lori On Leadership was to bring voice and visibility to leaders most people would otherwise never hear about or learn from. And as I’ve said, one thing I know for sure is that the planet needs more elevated, wise, transformative leaders. I wanted to be a source for others to hear professionals in positions of power and influence whose magic shows up masked as daily ordinariness.

So I started a new roller coaster for myself – yeehaw! Substack! a podcast! Okay, I’m one of a gazillion others. But going from merely thinking about it, to back-burner-ing the idea for several months, to finally launching was an important personal breakthrough. I’ve learned so much, especially things I never predicted needed knowing. The technology that makes any of this possible will always be my source of humility. Luckily, however, leadership is a never-ending font for self-awareness and relationship building. And I believe this is true for all of us.

Reflections over the past year:

I’m getting better at interviewing – yay! A bit rough in the beginning – an untapped part of my voice – but one enjoying its freedom to fly. And fun! Hiccups and missteps along the way? You bet. But overall, feeling net positive, worth the effort, and looking forward to getting better.

MOSTLY, however, I can brag on a world-class list of guests! What a privilege to reconnect and talk with these humans again. These are intellects and hearts worth listening to.

I’m grateful to my team for getting us to this place. We’ve embodied genuine collaboration – the tenet we preach that underlies transformative leadership, and a feature of later-stage maturity.

Taking into account our lessons learned, and with a few shifts, I’m pleased to announce that my team and I will be continuing into 2024! But with a new title and a new look:

So announcing:

On Leading - Transformative Conversations“On Leading” gives us unbounded freedom to incorporate broader definitions of what it means to truly lead others.

Leading: one of the hardest jobs on the planet to do well, and with high integrity.

We’ll be doing some experimenting along the way like 2-person interviews and switching things up now and then with new voices to keep us on our toes.

The adventure continues . . .

Please join us for the ride!

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