ON LEADING PODCAST • Episode #21 • April 24, 2024

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Episode #21

Jamie Ramsden

On Unlocking Leadership Potential

By Lori Brewer Collins

In the expansive landscape of leadership literature, Jamie Ramsden stands as a guiding light, offering profound insights and a fresh perspective on steering the course of tomorrow’s leaders. His seminal work, Let’s Go! How Great Leaders Shape the Future, not only showcases Ramsden’s deep understanding of leadership dynamics but also reflects his unwavering commitment to empowering individuals to lead with purpose and clarity.

Ramsden’s journey into the realm of leadership is far from conventional. From his academic research, his experience living and working around the world, to his corporate leadership roles, his diverse background has provided him with a unique lens through which to examine and decipher the intricacies of leadership in action. This rich tapestry of experiences infuses his writing with authenticity and practical wisdom, making his guidance all the more compelling.

Let’s Go! transcends the confines of a traditional leadership manual, offering a comprehensive roadmap that delves into the very essence of leadership as a profoundly human endeavor. Ramsden contends that true leadership isn’t about wielding power or authority but rather about igniting the potential within others. Drawing from his own experiences and those of illustrious leaders across various domains, Ramsden distills timeless principles that resonate with leaders at every level of their journey.

At the heart of Ramsden’s philosophy lies the paramount importance of vision and purpose in driving organizational success. He underscores the imperative for leaders to articulate a compelling vision that resonates with their teams, providing a clear sense of direction and purpose. Furthermore, Ramsden emphasizes the indispensable role of authenticity and integrity in leadership, advocating for leaders to lead by example and remain steadfast in their values.

In essence, Jamie Ramsden’s work serves as a beacon of guidance for leaders navigating the complexities of the modern world. Through his insightful perspectives and practical wisdom, encourages leaders to develop self-awareness while equipping them with the tools and mindset needed to shape a future defined by belonging, meaning and purpose.

Key Moments

  • Leading with love. What was once considered hokey or unspeakable is now being openly acknowledged by leaders. You have to love what you do, who you work with and your mission. Without love, what are we doing here?
  • Benevolent disruption. Challenge the status quo yet maintain a focus on empathy and inclusivity. Acknowledge the potential for transformative change while doing so responsibly and with compassion.
  • What do we have to give up in order to be led? An intriguing question! To allow someone to lead us, we often relinquish a degree of control and autonomy, entrusting them with our direction. In doing so, we may also sacrifice some of our personal preferences and decision-making authority for the sake of collective vision and unity.
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