3 Executive Conundrums & How to Engage with Them

Apr 11, 2023. By Lori Brewer Collins

Three Doors by Jerry Park

I’ve noticed many senior executives bumping up against a few common dilemmas. People expect more of businesses these days, and businesses expect more of their leaders. Obviously, each executive’s situation is unique. But the coaching conversations I find myself having with leaders these days, no matter what region or culture they are operating in, share striking similarities.

Whether the person has already responded to the call for change by guiding their business through a successful transformation or is leading them through one now, I hear them asking some variation of:

Having covered this ground more than once, I’d like to help you when it’s your turn to engage with one or more of these conundrums by kickstarting your thinking. Click on the questions above to access three articles, containing composite stories based on my experiences with a multitude of individuals and my comments.


Photo credit: Jerry Park, “3 Doors”, Slow Roads America.

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